What Is YInMn Blue?

A Serendiptious Discovery…

YInMnBlue or “MasBlue” as it is commonly referred to at Oregon State University (“OSU”), is a serendipitous discovery of a bright blue pigment by scientists led by Mas Subramanian at OSU while researching materials for electronic applications.

YinMnBlue Series

The excitement of discovering a brilliant blue, thermally stable and UV absorbing pigment that was non toxic did not stop them from looking beyond the blues.

They have now discovered a whole range of colors including some bright purples and greens and yellows….

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The chemistry of YInMnBlue

Beyond The Blues…

Subramanian and his team have since expanded their research and have made a range of new pigments to include almost all the colors of the color wheel from bright orange to yellow and shades of purple, turquoise and greens.


From Pigment To Watercolor Paints..

(First and Foremost Acknowledgements!)

I‘d like to thank Dr. Jun Li for all her efforts in making these samples and taking the effort to create extra fine powders of all these #YInMnBlue pigments that enabled me to convert them into watercolor paints. Without the generous contribution of her time and effort it would not have been possible to make the paints.


Thanks also to Professor Mas Subramanian and his team of research scientists  at Oregon State University for this brilliant discovery of a new series of stable pigments!


The pictures show some of the #YInMnBlue series of pigment powders that have been made into watercolor paints and used in the paintings on this website that are tagged as #YInMnBlue.