Blue Mountains

Continuing with sketches from a few weeks ago, the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania. It’s a befitting name for these mountain ranges in western Pennsylvania, for as far as the eye can see is all shades of blue and the distant haze, and just a pop of bright green where the sun hits the Valley! Of course I had to stop to sketch.

Then on through into the Allegheny Mountains and the colors change to softer shades of greens.

Sunset before takeoff – View From My Window

Day 23/31: #WorldWatercolorMonth

A quick wash in my sketchbook before my flight takes off. Hope the connection works to upload.


Rolling Thunderstorms – View from my window!

As the heavy thunderstorms roll in I see the trees in the backyard sway from the wind and the weight of the rain. Just having fun with Watercolors today as I clean out my palette!

Hint of YInMnBlue!