Circus Tent – Red,White and #YInMnBlue !

Day4/31 – #WorldWstercolorMonth

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and the theme is Circus Arts. The Festival brings the rich history, mystique and diversity of American circus arts to life on the National Mall. There were circus performances, behind the scenes, emerging artists and contemporary visionaries, and coaches, costume designers, makeup artists, musicians, prop and tent designers, riggers, poster artists, wagon builders, and many others whose collective creative work brings the circus to life. 

While the crowds lined up all the way around the tent I sat outside the big tent and sketched the Red, White and Blue under a somewhat ominous sky! They were calling for thunderstorms tonight. 

Happy 4th!

Longwood Fountainscape

Day1/31 #WorldWatercolorMonth – yes it’s #WorldWatercolorMonth 2017! It kind of snuck up on me though  Charlie O’Shields over at Doodlewash has been reminding us for almost a month now! 

The gorgeous flowerpots at the base of Longwood fountain terrace were just begging to be sketched. These exotic blooms had such a tropical air to them, I just wanted to capture the essence, but I’ll have to do the flowers over again.

Study in Pink

A quick sketch to loosen up this morning…the echinacea are abundantly blooming in my garden this year and so are the bees and butterflies. It’s a flutter of activity. I’m just gonna have to paint a few butterflies next!



Friday Fun – Playing with Watercolors! Pinks and Greens!

Day 8/31 #WorldWatercolorMonth  #Hollyhocks #Watercolorists #Garden #Pleinair

This was just a fun exercise of splattering water and color onto the paper and letting the water take over, I was going for an effect of capturing sunlight at the top while still giving depth to the composition. This light and airy sketch of hollyhocks painted plain air in my garden. Yes the hollyhocks are blooming!

Hollyhocks always bring back childhood memories of my dad’s garden and Enid Blyton.