A Different Perspective

This is the last posting for #WorldWatercolorMonth -Day 30 &31/31

The meadows have come to life now that we’re into mid summer and with the mega downpours we’ve had, it’s as though each day brings about a drastic change. The brush seems to grow in leaps and bounds and there’s a burst of wildflowers everyday, ever changing the colors and hues of the landscape. The vibrancy on the Meadows is an artist delight. Nature paints a splendid palette be it in the early morning light, mid afternoon glare or at sunset. I love sketching the meadows at all times of day and at all seasons, but the bright hues of summer are especially my favorite. But even summer brings such rapid change, if you blink you miss the nuances. Two days ago the colors were mostly greens with dabs of white. Now as you look across over the undulating landscape you see brush strokes of yellow from the goldenrod and rudbeckia with pops of powderpuff whites of QueenAnne’s lace swaying in the wind.

Often I take paper in different sizes with me to sketch in the field. This forces me to sketch a subject matter within it’s constraints,  makes me look at it from a different perspective. Painting landscapes typically is done in landscape form to capture the vastness across a broad sheet of paper, but what if we took a vertical perspective of the same landscape and potrayed the vastness in another way. It’s quite refreshing to paint this way.

Here I’ve done the same scene both in landscape and vertical perspective. What are your thoughts, Id love to know.



Wildflowers on the Meadows

Im still awaiting the arrival of the Monarchs, the Swallowtails, the Orange Sulfurs, Cabbage Whites, and the list goes on and on… Each year we see more species of butterflies on the Meadows Gardens at Longwood. As the meadow matures and the wildflowers multiply and spread, the wildlife here has abundantly exploded! And along with the butterflies and bees, so have the birds and other wildlife. You are more likely to spot several species of bird without even looking for them. Or hear the bull frog in the pond below, and occasionally if it’s  real quiet you’ll spot the Great Blue motionless on the Hour Glass lake patiently awaiting his supper to arrive. The songbirds serenade you as you walk along on the winding pathways and quite oblivious to your presence. A walk in the meadows is no longer just a walk, it’s a passage through time. Although it might appear to the novice that these meadows just magically stay alive there’s a silent crew of gardeners and specialists that tend to it to keep it healthy and going strong! A big shout out to these great people hard at work who make our lives just a little bit richer. 

Colors of Longwood

Fall has been lingering a bit this year, and all the better, as I’ve been behind in capturing the colors this year. So last week with sketchbook in hand I went for a stroll at Longwood. My sketchbook wasn’t long enough so I had to double back to fetch some longer sheets of watercolor paper. Here’s the result. I still wish the paper could have been even longer…

Even as I was sketching the clouds came by quite suddenly and I had to get another view with the clouds in this time. The sketch turned out a bit busy but worth the effort as now I have another sketch to add to my cloudscape studies…

Inktober Sketches

It’s almost time to say goodbye to October with just one day to go. So, whatever happened to #Inktober? Well, let’s just say I have been inking, I just haven’t managed to post any yet. I knew #inktober would be a challenge for me, but it wasn’t the sketching part, as I sketch everyday. In fact I’m an obsessive Sketcher, but to me sketching usually involves diving right in with brush and paint. Be it watercolor or acrylic, I never sketch any pen or pencil under lines. So picking up a pen to sketch felt somewhat strange at first. Of course I’m all about color, so I had to add color to my sketches to complete them. But coloring within the lines was even tougher. So I did the only thing I knew to do, I simply let loose…Here are some sketches from week one of October-

Two are quick warmup sketches of my daughter, one while she was cat napping after a long day and the other her most coveted seat on the floor leaning on the couch watching CNN whilst texting on her iPhone, ofcourse! i also managed a quick attempt to capture Fareed Zakaria on GPS on a Sunday morning.

Of course I couldn’t let go of color, so the next few are watercolor on ink.

A pot of ornamental chillies, a fallen tree in the woods, the meadows and farmhouse at Longwood Gardens and of course how could I not sketch the lotus ponds at Longwood.

These sketches are done in 3-5 minutes and are meant to capture the essence of the moment and subject, so not perfect. I like doing these loose sketches, they are spontaneous and more lively.

Bathed in light – Sultan Ahmet Mosque (Blue Mosque)

Another photo taken from a rooftop cafe rendered in Watercolors.

Using turquoise and yellow from the #YInMnBlue series. The SultanAhmet Mosque is bathed in blue light at night, a wondrous sight in daylight or night!


Lily Pond at Longwood Gardens- Hint of #YInMnBlue

Yes, the water lilies at Longwood Gardens are at peak bloom and stunning as ever.


My humble attempt to capture the essence of their beauty…

Mount Hood – #YInMnBlue

Another view of Mount Hood.


All pigments used in this rendition are from the #YInMnBlue series of pigments.

Mount Hood – Eagle’s View

Watercolor painting with #YInMnBlue, #MasBlue  (using the Blues and Purples from this family of pigments)

Day 6/31 #WorldWatercolorMonth

Watercolor painting with #YInMnBlue, #MasBlue  (using the Blues and Purples from this family of pigments)