I’m a watercolor artist based in Oregon. Trained as a Materials Scientist I spent most of my life in a lab grinding minerals and chemicals and studying them at the atomic structural level. Now I’d much rather spend my time grinding minerals and pigment powders into paints and rendering them onto watercolor paper or canvas.

Aquarelles de MasBleu is my website and blog for sketches, drawings and paintings using mostly YInMn Blue, but I also use traditional watercolor paints. I’ve named the website after the YInMn blue pigment, a new blue pigment discovered by my husband, Mas Subramanian, at Oregon State University.

As far back as I can remember I’ve sketched and doodled on any surface I could lay my hands on. I carry a sketchbook with me wherever I go, and sketch whenever I can – on planes, trains, in the car and even while waiting at airports, train stations and hotel rooms. My sketchbook is always within reach, and my wanderlust has driven me to travelsketch. It’s something I still do and enjoy very much. Capturing the sights, colors and emotions of the places I’ve visited has resulted in bookshelves filled with travelsketch journals and great memory keepers!

I’ve dabbled in acrylics, pastels, pen and ink, water color and graphite sketching but I’ve always loved the vibrancy and spontaneity of watercolors. It’s currently my main medium and I paint and sketch without any preliminary pencil sketch. This spontaneous watercolor sketching captures everything in the moment, including mistakes and happy accidents and for me this is the exhilaration I get from watercolor. I find this a more personal form of expression. The fluidity of the medium, the challenges and the happy accidents and oh, the endless possibilities that await are all part of the adventure and excitement that keep drawing me deeper each time I pick up a paintbrush. I’m always learning something new and there’s so much to learn. I’m essentially self taught, although I have occasionally taken workshops with other artists.

I’d love comments and feedback on my work.

To get in touch, email me at aquarellesdemasbleu[at]gmail[dot]com