Inktober 2018 – Week One

Inktober 2018..

This year I’d resolved to pick up my ink pens and practice my line drawing but it’s taken me till October to do so…yet, what better month than Inktober eh!

Typically I start painting my subjects directly with watercolor as shapes, as light and shadow in color, without any pen or pencil under drawings. Hence the need to strengthen my drawing technique on occasion is a necessity for me. Forcing myself to use a pen and draw lines for a month I knew, would be a challenge, yet good practice… so here goes.

Week 1 started out rather wonky and wobbly and I found myself falling back on using my brush with ink rather than the mighty pen! I was using the term “inking” rather loosely as you’ll see here in my sketches from week 1…

This first one of a dragon fruit with an ink pen and slight hatching, immediately followed by a second one in brush pen where I proceeded to use my brush for shadows…

Day 1

(L) – Brush pen sketch of Dragon Fruit in our fruit basket at the hotel.

(R) – Ink pen sketch of Dragon fruit


Day 2


Today, Oct 2nd is Gandhi Jayanthi – Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th anniversary…of course I had to pay homage to the Father of the Nation! ‘Ahimsa’ (non- violence) and ‘Satyagraha’ (Truth) come to mind – much needed today I’d say…


Day 3


Humayun’s Tomb – This was one of the most direct influences on the Taj Mahal’s design. Built in details of geometrical sandstone and marble pietra dura inlay patterns. Tough doing this one in black and white…stay tuned for the watercolor version…

Day 4


“CAW-CAW”- My neighbor on the 10th floor albeit outside the windowsill…he’s there every morning to greet, chat and pose for me…


Day 5

Indian Black Kite- Color was eventually going to creep into my Inktober sketches ;-/)!
This guy was incessantly harassing the parrots at the Taj’s Paradise Garden….quite the character – he definitely earned his spot in my sketchbook!


Day 6


“Mehman Khana” – The Rest house also known as the Jawab (‘answer’) built to maintain symmetry and harmony of the Taj Mahal complex. It stands on the East end of the mausoleum as a twin to the Mosque on the west. Built in Red sandstone and marble, this is one of the towers of the building….


Day 7


“Frangipani” – Fragrant, intoxicating, delicate and graceful…they sway gently releasing their perfume…they’re blooming everywhere! Capturing them in black and white was the hardest thing to do ;-/) Whew!! Made it through first week of Inktober 2018.