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YInMnBlue in Totality

YInMnBlue in Totality, ¬†or is it Totality in YInMnBlue….as viewed from our backyard.  

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Vying for a Sopt of Alignment

Three celestial bodies vie for a spot of alignment! In preparation, here’s my take on totality! Less than 16 hours for the first ‘Totality’ to appear in Oregon. The last time a total solar eclipse was visible from coast to … Continue reading

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Blue Mountains

Continuing with sketches from a few weeks ago, the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania. It’s a befitting name for these mountain ranges in western Pennsylvania, for as far as the eye can see is all shades of blue and the distant … Continue reading

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A trip to remember- It’s been a busy two weeks – weeks of celebrations and trips and sundry! The important one was our daughter’s birthday celebration. She had wanted to make a family trip to Fallingwater for some time now, … Continue reading

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A Different Perspective

This is the last posting for #WorldWatercolorMonth -Day 30 &31/31 The meadows have come to life now that we’re into mid summer and with the mega downpours we’ve had, it’s as though each day brings about a drastic change. The … Continue reading

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The Sculptures at the main fountain

Day #29/31 #WorldWatercolorMonth Taking a break from nature and looking closely at man made stuff – the restored Italian Limestone sculptures at the main fountain gardens. I’ve sketched some of these when they were crumbling and patinad from years of … Continue reading

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