Fractal Blues

Turning YInMn blue pigment powder into watercolor paint was such fun, but the added bonus was the fabulous fractal I got in the process!  Now is that not a color to die for. 

All the shades of YInMn Blue

When #YInMn blue was first discovered, Mas Subramanian’s team didn’t stop with just one compound. True to nature Mas and his team, went on to tweek the composition to see if that would affect the color, and sure enough it did and how beautifully so. Here is a spectrum of blues shades by just tweeting the manganese content in the compound. They are all shades of YInMn Blue, and they are such a joy to make into watercolor paints! 

Celebrating the Blue that never fades! YInMnBlue, that is…

On May 5, The College of Science, Oregon Sate Univesity, hosted “The Colorful World of Pigments,” a public event as part of SPARK, Oregon State’s yearlong celebration of the intersection of the arts and science. This series of events celebrated the meeting point of science, art, color and cultural trends in Mas Subramanian’s groundbreaking pigment discovery of #YInMn blue.

This blue pigment discovered by Mas Subramanian and his research team at Oregon state university’s chemistry lab has captured widespread attention in various fields including fashion and industry not to mention the obvious fields of science and art. A panel discussion featured experts from Crayola, Nike, Shepherd Color Co., Harvard Pigments Museum and others. The highlight of the event was when Crayola’s CEO,  Smith Holland announced that crayola would be introducing a new blue crayon color inspired by #YInMn blue! Here are some pictures from the event!!!

Mas Presenting YInMnBlue…


Crayola’s Big Announcement


Kids at the event trying out the new sample crayon…


Kids of all ages at the Crayola Wall Mural

It was an event to remember!

Brilliant YInMn Blues – came out of the Blue

As a chemist, for me the chemistry of YInMn Blue is fascinating at the atomic level, but as an artist to combine white, pale yellow and black and produce BRILLIANT BLUES, albeit under extreme conditions, is a Mas Subramanian feat indeed! And it’s simply magical !!! #