I love to combine activities, so when I go for walks I carry my sketchbook with me to capture some of the beauty around me.  For some time now I’ve been wanting to sketch the chaos beneath these trees along the hedgerow I pass every day. It’s a riot of color what with the bramble which still has its leaves now turning purple, the thousands of rose hips in reds and oranges, the fallen leaves  tangled in between and not to mention the seed heads of the Queen Ann’s lace and the teasels lining the edge. I tried several attempts but wasn’t quite satisfied with the sketches- they needed more texture to convey the chaotic sense. So I’ve been experimenting with texture. Here are some preliminary ones:

This left one is of the tree that is my one mile marker. In summer it has wild roses in full bloom all around its base and their heady perfume wafts up as I pass by.  The one on the right is a mass of three trees – I only had room for two on my page, on a slope on the ravine. The strong roots are much more visible now beneath the bramble

This little stump has a lot more bramble has the most rose hips trailing over it. But I didn’t quite get to the rose hips. I liked the way it looked st this stage and decided to stop here.


I did a few more focused just on the bramble, rose hips and the teasels. I’m having so much fun with this, I’ll be doing a lot more and trying out new ways to convey texture.

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