Night Of a 1,000 Lights 

The night before last night was the last night of “Night of a 1,000 Lights” at Longwood. It’s Longwood’s Asian-inspired lantern celebration of thousands of floating and hanging lights or Chinese lanterns all aglow. For four nights (the last 2 consecutive Fridays and Saturdays) the Conservatory is open late and you get to enjoy this lighted show after hours in full view of the Chrysanthemum Festival. More on the chrysanthemum festival in a later post.  The event was spectacular last year and didn’t disappoint this year either! Here are a few of the images I managed to capture.

These were the lovely display at the Conservatory entrance.


The floating lanterns in the Exhibition Hall, the gentle sway and the soft reflections on the water were quite mesmerizing.


These orange lanterns lined the Acacia Passage in a continuous stream and the feathery acacia fronds that entwined them added a sense of mistique and an ethereal atmosphere. And these multi shades of blue lanterns lined the ceiling of the cactus room.

Stay tuned, more sketches from this event on the way…

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