Inktober Sketches

It’s almost time to say goodbye to October with just one day to go. So, whatever happened to #Inktober? Well, let’s just say I have been inking, I just haven’t managed to post any yet. I knew #inktober would be a challenge for me, but it wasn’t the sketching part, as I sketch everyday. In fact I’m an obsessive Sketcher, but to me sketching usually involves diving right in with brush and paint. Be it watercolor or acrylic, I never sketch any pen or pencil under lines. So picking up a pen to sketch felt somewhat strange at first. Of course I’m all about color, so I had to add color to my sketches to complete them. But coloring within the lines was even tougher. So I did the only thing I knew to do, I simply let loose…Here are some sketches from week one of October-

Two are quick warmup sketches of my daughter, one while she was cat napping after a long day and the other her most coveted seat on the floor leaning on the couch watching CNN whilst texting on her iPhone, ofcourse! i also managed a quick attempt to capture Fareed Zakaria on GPS on a Sunday morning.

Of course I couldn’t let go of color, so the next few are watercolor on ink.

A pot of ornamental chillies, a fallen tree in the woods, the meadows and farmhouse at Longwood Gardens and of course how could I not sketch the lotus ponds at Longwood.

These sketches are done in 3-5 minutes and are meant to capture the essence of the moment and subject, so not perfect. I like doing these loose sketches, they are spontaneous and more lively.

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