Pigment comparison of #YInMnBlue and Daniel Smith Watercolors – Purples

YInMnBlue or “MasBlue” as it is commonly referred to at Oregon State University, is a serendipitous discovery of a brilliant blue pigment by scientists led by Mas Subramanian at OSU while researching materials for electronic applications.

Since their discovery of the blues they have made a range of new pigments to include almost all the colors of the color wheel from bright orange to yellow and shades of purple, turquoise and greens.

Using these pigment powders I have made watercolor paints and have been testing them for color fastness, transparency, mixing capability, luminosity etc., Ive also been using them in some of my paintings, which have been tagged as #YInMnBlue, #YInMn and #MasBlue.

This particular sketch of the Costa Rica Humming bird was done using the purples, turquoise and some blue and yellow in the #YInMnBlue series.

These watercolor explorations into #YInMnBlue pigments is an ongoing learning experience for me.

I’m also creating a watercolor chart of the YInMnBlue pigments which I will be posting soon along with more explorations of color comparisons with commercially available watercolor pigments, mostly Daniel Smith Watercolors. Stay tuned……

Costa Rican Hummingbirds

2 thoughts on “Pigment comparison of #YInMnBlue and Daniel Smith Watercolors – Purples

  1. Are you mixing your own watercolor using the powder and gum arabic?
    Do you know if the powders will ever be available to the public? I’m not sure if I can wait until Daniel Smith offers a full color line of MasBleu watercolors.
    If they ever do, I am first in line to buy the entire spectrum.


    1. Yes I have been mixing my colors using the pigment powders shown on my website.Currently these pigments are not available commercially and only being made in the research lab. Except for YInMn Blue, the initial discovery, which is currently in the test phase for application in automotive paint industry. The other colors have not reached that stage yet although there is a lot of interest in them.Sorry I was traveling and hence the delay in responding.


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